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Eli Bornowsky @WesternFrontBC

Eli Bornowsky

Walking, Square, Cylinder, Plane

November 26, 2010 to January 22, 2011

Exhibition Opening: November 25, 6pm

The Western Front is pleased to announce the opening of Eli Bornowsky’s

solo exhibition Walking, Square, Cylinder, Plane on November 25 at 6pm.

The exhibition will feature a new body of paintings that have come out of

Eli Bornowsky’s dedicated studio practice in the past six months. Compared

to his previous works, a turn can be seen in the artists output. The newer

works have expanded in size and visual vocabulary. Previously, Bornowskys

canvases assumed a relatively polite size and played on the repetition of

similar geometric motifs, most notably the circle, with slight and

energetic variations in size, texture and colouring. What connects his

older and newer work is an obvious concern with the optical movement that

each image is able to create in the eyes of its viewer.

In the exhibition Walking, Square, Cylinder, Plane the paintings by

Bornowsky have grown not only in noticeable size, but also in terms of

their demanding presence. The larger paintings ask for a lot of attention,

as a play between several visual vocabularies takes place. Drawing from his

early education as an illustrator, a field of black and white scribbled

abstraction is a constant visual ground in each work in the exhibition.

Noticeably in each painting, a confidently coloured stripe, approximately

one quarter of the width of the canvas, vertically stretches across either

the left or right hand side or horizontally along the bottom field. A third

and more varied motif of a figure rests between or on top of these

compositions. A cartoon like purple foot, an irregular and textured shape

or a small box containing its own miniature landscape, are just some of the

figures that seem to offer concrete positioning for the eye. Each large

canvas is crowned with an accompanying smaller canvas, which is positioned

in no repeatable method, except to say that they rest above. These smaller

canvases recall Bornowskys older works, both in size and content, but they

further obfuscate the visual conversation that happens throughout each

painting. The companion canvases introduce a sensation of both belonging

and foreignness. They are a curious and constant reminder for you to go

back, look again and once more negotiate the multiple grounds and fields

that each work contains.

Western Front

303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V5T 1S1

T. +1 604 876 9343 F. +1 604 876 4099

W. E.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12 - 5pm

Admission Free



Rubin Museum of Art:Antony Gormley + The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi


“The way in which the work affects you somatically is strongest when things are off balance or standing on the wall, i.e. levers the room out of its repose, gives the idea is everything moving and nothing is fixed.” –Antony Gormley


Matthias Dornfeld
Crisis Line
October 23 – November 25, 2010
Opening Reception: Saturday October 23  6-9pm

Blanket is pleased to present “Crisis Line” – a new selection of works on
paper, canvas and linoleum by Matthias Dornfeld. Born in Esslingen, Germany
and based out of Berlin, Matthias Dornfeld studied at the Art Academy in
Munich. His work has appeared at galleries and institutions including Ben
Kaufmann, Maschenmode, Foreverandadaybuero and Gmür in Berlin; Rowley
Kennerk in Chicago, Gio Marconi in Milan, Harris Liebermann in New York, and
Ancient and Modern in London, LaBoum III in Warsaw, Sies und Höke in
Düsseldorf, Lothringer 13 in Munich and Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Vienna.
This is Dornfeld’s second exhibition with the gallery. The artist will be in

Contemporary Art Inc.
560 Seymour Street
Vancouver BC
V6B 3J5
gallery 1-604-709-6100

Art in public spaces

The Vancouver Biennale decorated Vancouver and Richmond with sculptures, transforming the city into “an open-air museum.” Obviously I love how art can transform a space, but when it’s in the public sphere there’s something extra remarkable about it.

If anyone knows where this giant clothespin is located, get back to me! Perhaps an homage to Philadelphia’s larger clothespin.



Call for Vancouver Artists!

Celebrate 125 Vancouver Mural Program
Request for Proposals
Engineering Services, City of Vancouver
Please send any questions to:

Deadline for Proposals: Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 4:00 pm

Budget: Several mural projects will be funded with budgets ranging from $5,000 to a maximum of $50,000 per project

The Celebrate 125 Vancouver Mural Program has been established to celebrate Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary in 2011. The Mural Program invites artists to propose murals to celebrate the City’s anniversary.
The program is intended to support between five and ten mural projects, large and small, that offer new perspectives on Vancouver and represent a range of Vancouver’s diverse cultural communities, artistic practices and neighbourhoods.

More information:
Visit to download the Request for Proposal


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